Weak itinerant ferromagnetism in amorphous M90Zr10 (M=Fe,Co,Ni) alloys

Kaul, S. N. (1983) Weak itinerant ferromagnetism in amorphous M90Zr10 (M=Fe,Co,Ni) alloys Physical Review B, 27 (11). pp. 6923-6933. ISSN 0163-1829

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Results of the magnetization measurements performed in the temperature range 4.2-300 K in fields up to 15 kOe on amorphous Fe90Zr10, Co90Zr10, and Ni90Zr10 alloys, prepared by the single-roller-quenching technique, are presented. While the glassy Co90Zr10 and Ni90Zr10 alloys at low fields show a normal ferromagnetic behavior down to 4.2 K, amorphous Fe90Zr10 exhibits a transition from the ferromagnetic state to the mictomagnetic state at a temperature Tf which lies well below the ferromagnetic ordering temperature. Tf decreases linearly with increasing H up to fields H-250 Oe and this linear dependence on H gives Tf(H=0)=40± 1 K. The magnetic behavior at high fields and the temperature dependence of spontaneous magnetization can be satisfactorily accounted for in terms of a theory proposed for weak itinerant ferromagnets. The unusually large value of the high-field susceptibility at 4.2 K observed for Fe90Zr10, in particular, is found to contain, besides the contribution arising due to the Invar characteristics of this alloy, a contribution typical of that observed in mictomagnetic alloys. Finally, from an appraisal of the present results and those previously reported on glassy Fe90Zr10, it is concluded that this alloy contains two types of magnetic electrons: those possessing itinerant character and giving rise to ferromagnetism (single-particle contribution) and Invar anomalies, and those having localized nature and responsible for both the ferromagnetic (spin-wave contribution) and the mictomagnetic behavior.

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