The use of liquid phase adsorption isotherms for characterization of activated carbons

Ismadji, Suryadi ; Bhatia, Suresh K. (2001) The use of liquid phase adsorption isotherms for characterization of activated carbons Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 244 (2). pp. 319-335. ISSN 0021-9797

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The characterization of three commercial activated carbons was carried out using the adsorption of various compounds in the aqueous phase. For this purpose the generalized adsorption isotherm was employed, and a modification of the Dubinin-Radushkevich pore filling model, incorporating repulsive contributions to the pore potential as well as bulk liquid phase nonideality, was used as the local isotherm. Eight different flavor compounds were used as adsorbates, and the isotherms were jointly fitted to yield a common pore size distribution for each carbon. The bulk liquid phase nonideality was incorporated through the UNIFAC activity coefficient model, and the repulsive contribution to the pore potential was incorporated through the Steele 10-4-3 potential model. The mean micropore network coordination number for each carbon was also determined from the fitted saturation capacity based on percolation theory. Good agreement between the model and the experimental data was observed. In addition, excellent agreement between the bimodal gamma pore size distribution and density functional theory-cum-regularization-based pore size distribution obtained by argon adsorption was also observed, supporting the validity of the model. The results show that liquid phase adsorption, using adsorptive molecules of different sizes, can be an effective means of characterizing the pore size distribution as well as connectivity. Alternately, if the carbon pore size distribution is independently known, the method can be used to "measure" critical molecular sizes.

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