Velocity auto-correlation and hot-electron diffusion constant in GaAs and InP

Deb Roy, M. ; Nag, B. R. (1982) Velocity auto-correlation and hot-electron diffusion constant in GaAs and InP Applied Physics A: Materials Science & Processing, 28 (3). pp. 195-204. ISSN 0947-8396

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Auto-correlation functions of the fluctuations in the electron velocities transverse and parallel to the applied electric field are calculated by the Monte Carlo method for GaAs and InP at three different values of field strength which are around three times the threshold field for negative differential mobility in each case. From these the frequency-dependent diffusion coefficients transverse and parallel to the applied field and the figure of merit for noise performance when used in a microwave amplifying device are determined. The results indicate that the transverse auto-correlation function C t (s) falls nearly exponentially to zero with increasing intervals while the parallel function C p (s) falls sharply, attains a minimum and then rises towards zero. In each case a higher field gives a higher rate of fall and makes the correlation functions zero within a shorter interval. The transverses diffusion coefficient falls monotonically with the frequency but the parallel diffusion coefficient generally starts with a low value at low frequencies, rises to a maximum and then falls. InP, with a larger separation between the central and the satellite valleys, has a higher value of the low frequency transverse diffusion coefficient and a lower value of its parallel counterpart. The noise performance of microwave semiconductor amplifying devices depends mainly on the low frequency parallel diffusion constant and consequently devices made out of materials like InP with a large separation between valleys are likely to have better noise characteristics.

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