A new zinc pyromellitate,[(C4N2H12)0.5(NH2 (CH3)2][Zn(C10H2O8)]·1.78H2O,with a layered structure

Ganesan, S. V. ; Lightfoot, Philip ; Natarajan, Srinivasan (2004) A new zinc pyromellitate,[(C4N2H12)0.5(NH2 (CH3)2][Zn(C10H2O8)]·1.78H2O,with a layered structure Solid State Sciences, 6 (7). pp. 757-762. ISSN 1293-2558

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A hydrothermal reaction of ZnO, HCl, pyromellitic acid, piperazine and water/DMF mixture gave rise to a layered Zn coordination polymer. The structure, determined by single crystal XRD, consists of a network of ZnO4 centers, tetrahedrally coordinated by pyromellitate anions giving rise to a two-dimensional sheet structure. The connectivity resembles a 4-connected network in which each Zn atom is connected to four BTEC anions and each BTEC anion is linked to four Zn2+ ions. The DMF, under hydrothermal conditions, has transformed into dimethylamine. Both the acid and polymer shows photoluminescence with the main emission band for the polymer at about 390 nm (λex=338 nm). Our continuing investigations clearly reveal that it is profitable to explore amine templated metal-organic frameworks.

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Keywords:Zinc; Hydrothermal; Pyromellitate; Two-dimensional
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