Percolative fragmentation of char particles during gasification

Feng, Bo ; Bhatia, Suresh K. (2000) Percolative fragmentation of char particles during gasification Energy & Fuels, 14 (2). pp. 297-307. ISSN 0887-0624

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Percolative fragmentation was confirmed to occur during gasification of three microporous coal chars. Indirect evidence obtained by the variation of electrical resistivity (ER) with conversion was supported by direct observation of numerous fragments during gasification. The resistivity increases slowly at low conversions and then sharply after a certain conversion value, which is a typical percolation phenomenon suggesting the occurrence of internal fragmentation at high conversion. Two percolation models are applied to interpret the experimental data and determine the percolation threshold. A percolation threshold of 0.02-0.07 was found, corresponding to a critical conversion of 92-96% for fragmentation. The electrical resistivity variation at high conversions is found to be very sensitive to diffusional effects during gasification. Partially burnt samples with a narrow initial particle size range were also observed microscopically, and found to yield a large number of small fragments even when the particles showed no disintegration and chemical control prevailed. It is proposed that this is due to the separation of isolated clusters from the particle surface. The particle size distribution of the fragments was essentially independent of the reaction conditions and the char type, and supported the prediction by percolation theory that the number fraction distribution varies linearly with mass in a log-log plot. The results imply that perimeter fragmentation would occur in practical combustion systems in which the reactions are strongly diffusion affected.

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