Karyomorphological studies in three species of Teleostean fishes

Manna, G. K. ; Khuda-Bukhsh, A. R. (1978) Karyomorphological studies in three species of Teleostean fishes Cytologia, 43 (1). pp. 69-73. ISSN 0011-4545

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The diploid number, karyomorphology and morphometrical analysis of metaphase chromosomes in three teleostean fishes have been studied from the kidney cells of the female after colchicine-citrate-flame drying-Giemsa technique. Mystus gulio (Fam: Bagridae) possesses 2n=58 with chromosome formula as n=15 m+6sm+1st+7 T (NF 102) and the mean length values ranging between 1.90 and 0.77 micron from the longest to the shortest chromosome. Eutropiichthys vacha (Fam: Schilbeidae) have also 2n=58 chromosomes, but with the formula of n=5 m+10sm+6st+2t+6 T (NF 100) and the mean length values of chromosomes from 1.73 to 0.67 micron. Mastacembelus armatus (Fam: Mastacembelidae) have 2n=48 chromosomes with the formula as n=5 m+2sm+1st+16 T (NF 64) and the mean length values ranged between 1.81 and 0.89 micron. The karyotypes of these species have been compared with the related ones and it has been suggested that pericentric inversion played the significant role in the evolution of their karyotypes.

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