Amine levels in Lathyrus sativus seedlings during development

Ramakrishna, Seethala ; Adiga, P. Radhakantha (1975) Amine levels in Lathyrus sativus seedlings during development Phytochemistry, 14 (1). pp. 63-68. ISSN 0031-9422

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In growing Lathyrus sativus seedlings, the levels of DNA, RNA and protein markedly decreased in the cotyledons and progressively increased in the embryo-axis. In cotyledons, spermidine and spermine contents were substantially reduced while those of agmatine and putrescine were sharply increased. By contrast the embryo-axis progressively accumulated relatively larger amounts of agmatine, homoagmatine. putrescine, cadaverine, spermidine and spermine in parallel with similar changes in its DNA, RNA and protein content. While the cotyledons contained ca 50% of the total agmatine and putrescine present in the plant embryo by day 10, the embryo-axis, though representing less than 20% of the dry wt, contained 90 and 75% of total cadaverine and homoagmatine respectively of the seedlings. Spermidine and spermine levels of this tissue were also comparatively higher, being of the order of 80 and 50% respectively of the total. The root and shoot portions of the embryo-axis also exhibited a similar relationship between changes in DNA, RNA and protein and all the above amines during development. However, the polyamine content of the shoots was relatively higher than those of the roots during the growth period.

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Keywords:Lathyrus sativus; Leguminosae; Chick Pea; Growth and Development: Distribution in the Embryo; DNA; RNA; Protein; Agmatine; Putrescine; Spermidine; Spermine; Homoagmatine; Cadaverine
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