Amine biosynthesis in Lathyrus sativus seedlings

Ramakrishna, Seethala ; Adiga, P. Radhakantha (1974) Amine biosynthesis in Lathyrus sativus seedlings Phytochemistry, 13 (10). pp. 2161-2166. ISSN 0031-9422

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The biosynthesis of certain amines in Lathyrus sativus seedlings was studied in isolated shoots; cotyledons. In shoots; arginine was about 4 times more efficient than ornithine for the synthesis of agmatine; putrescine; spermidine; spermine. Isotope dilution experiments; the changes in specific activities of the 4 amines with time when 14C-arginine served as the precursor; indicated that putrescine; the polyamines were formed mainly from arginine; via agmatine. Similar experiments showed that cadaverine was formed at least in part from homoarginine; though lysine was ca 4 times more effective as a precursor. The pattern of changes in specific activity of homoagmatine; cadaverine with time when 14C-homoarginine served as the precursor support the conclusion that homoarginine; arginine follow analogous metabolic routes in the biosynthesis of putrescine; cadaverine respectively.

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Keywords:Lathyrus sativus; Leguminosae; Chick Pea; Homoarginine; Arginine; Homoagmatine; Agmatine; Cadaverine; Spermidine; Spermine; Infiltration; Competition; Biosynthesis
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