Replication and packaging of choleraphage Φ 149 DNA.

Chowdhury, R. ; Ray, A. ; Ray, P. ; Das, J. (1987) Replication and packaging of choleraphage Φ 149 DNA. Journal of Virology, 61 (12). pp. 3999-4006. ISSN 0022-538X

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The intercellular replication of the circularly permuted DNA of choleraphage Φ 149 involves a concatemeric DNA structure with a size equivalent to six genome lengths. The synthesis of both monomeric and concatemeric DNAs during replication of Φ149 occurred in the cytoplasm. The concatemers served as the substrate for the synthesis of mature phage DNA, which was eventually packaged by a headful mechanism starting from a unique pac site in the concatemeric DNA. Packaging of DNA into phage heads involved binding of concatemeric DNA to the cell membrane. A scheme involving sequential packaging of five headfuls proceeding in the counterclockwise direction from the pac site is proposed. After infection under high-phosphate conditions, the concatemeric DNA intermediates were not formed, although synthesis of monomeric molecules was unaffected.

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