Molecular structures of Fe4(CO)10(μ-CO)(μ4-Se)2 and Fe3Ru(CO)10(μ-CO)(μ4-Se)2

Mathur, Pradeep ; Hossain, Md. M. ; Rashid, Raad S. (1994) Molecular structures of Fe4(CO)10(μ-CO)(μ4-Se)2 and Fe3Ru(CO)10(μ-CO)(μ4-Se)2 Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 467 (2). pp. 245-249. ISSN 0022-328X

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The results of the X-ray analyses of Fe4(CO)10(μ-CO)(μ4-Se)2 and Fe3Ru(CO)10(μ-CO)(μ4-Se)2 are reported. The two compounds are isomorphous and belong to the orthorhombic space group Pccn with a = 6.655(1), b = 15.587(2), c = 17.387(2) Å for Fe4(CO)10(μ-CO)(μ4-Se)2 and a = 6.630(1), b = 15.785(2), c = 17.629(3) Å for Fe3Ru(CO)10(μ-CO)(μ4-Se)2. The structures were solved by direct methods and refined, correcting for extinction, to R = 0.0306 and 0.0312 for 1171 and 1277 observed reflections for Fe4(CO)10(μ-CO)(μ4-Se)2 and Fe3Ru(CO)10(μ-CO)(μ4-Se)2 respectively. They belong to the [M4(CO)11XY] clusters which are formally unsaturated according to the 18-electron rules but conform to the Wade's rules of electron counting. Both complexes contain terminal, bridging and semibridging carbonyl groups.

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