A detailed comprehensive study of thermodynamic and acoustic properties of amorphous arsenic trisulphide

Gopala Rao, R. V. ; Venkatesh, R. (2010) A detailed comprehensive study of thermodynamic and acoustic properties of amorphous arsenic trisulphide Journal of Non Crystalline Solids, 356 (28-30). pp. 1502-1508. ISSN 0022-3093

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A four constant potential function has been formulated and one of the constants 'C' has been eliminated by using the physical condition that the first derivative of the potential function is equal to zero and the rest three constants have been carefully solved by using experimental values of the bulk modulus. A detailed expression for the bulk modulus has been derived after solving the four constants, the second order elastic constants (SOECs), their pressure derivatives, longitudinal and transverse Gruneisen constants have been computed by thee different methods (Bhatia-Singh, Schofield and Brugger Fritz methods). The pressure derivative of bulk modulus C1 has been calculated by different methods. In all these methods there is good agreement between different values. We have also presented the absorption frequency, oscillation frequency and the corresponding Einstein specific heat at constant volume and the possible reasons for the deviations of the calculated and measured values have been discussed. The pressure derivative of the bulk modulus, the Anderson-Gruneisen constant calculated by two different methods, the second derivatives with respect to pressure of SOECs has been computed. The values of these quantities even though small are very important and have been discussed. Because of the addition of Born-Meyer term as suggested by Litov and Gerlich the various properties computed have come well.

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Keywords:Gruneisen Constants; Absorption Frequencies; Oscillation Frequencies; Pressure Derivatives of Elastic Constants
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