Alkali-metal and ammonium triperoxyfluorovanadates(V), A2[V(O2)3F]

Chaudhuri, Mihir K. ; Ghosh, Soumitra K. (1982) Alkali-metal and ammonium triperoxyfluorovanadates(V), A2[V(O2)3F] Inorganic Chemistry, 21 (11). pp. 4020-4022. ISSN 0020-1669

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Blue alkali-metal and ammonium triperoxyfluorovanadates(V), A2[V(O2),F] (A = NH4, Na, and K) have been synthesized by reacting V205 with fluorides AF and hydrogen peroxide in a highly alkaline medium. The compounds have been characterized by elemental analyses, magnetic susceptibility measurements, and IR spectroscopic studies. The compounds do not permit molar conductance measurements. The IR spectra of the compounds suggest the presence of triangularly bonded peroxy ligands. The complex species [V(O2)3F]2- may be a seven-coordinated monomer or it may have a polymeric structure through a weak V-F-V bridging. The basicity of peroxy ligands increases with the increase in the number of peroxy groups coordinated to the vanadium(V) center.

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