Valence-fluctuation behavior of Yb ions and YbCuGa

Adroja, D. T. ; Malik, S. K. ; Padalia, B. D. ; Bhatia, S. N. ; Walia, R. ; Vijayaraghavan, R. (1990) Valence-fluctuation behavior of Yb ions and YbCuGa Physical Review B, 42 (4). pp. 2700-2703. ISSN 0163-1829

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The compound YbCuGa has been synthesized and is found to crystallize in the orthorhombic CeCu2-type structure. Its magnetic susceptibility has been measured between 4.2 and 300 K and shows a broad maximum at about 190 K. This maximum is a characteristic feature of the mixed-valent Ce- and Yb-based compounds. The temperature-dependent resistivity exhibits an S-type behavior. The thermoelectric power is negative between 20 and 300 K and also shows a broad minimum at about 190 K. L3 x-ray-absorption near-edge-structure (XANES) measurements show the two-peak pattern that corresponds to two different valence states of Yb. Thus, magnetic susceptibility, electrical resistivity, thermoelectric power, and Lβ XANES measurements all point to the mixed-valence nature of Yb ions in YbCuGa.

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