Phase separations in La0.7-xDyxCa0.3Mn(Fe)O3

Bhargava, S. C. ; Kunkel, H. P. ; Singh, Sher ; Malik, S. K. ; Buddhikot, D. D. ; Morrish, A. H. (2005) Phase separations in La0.7-xDyxCa0.3Mn(Fe)O3 Physical Review B, 71 (10). 104419_1-104419_15. ISSN 0163-1829

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Mossbauer spectroscopy of La0.7-xDyxCa0.3Mn(Fe)O3 shows phase separation, both above and below TC. The behavior in the two regions are independent and related to different phenomena. Above TC, the phase splitting is due to different lattice distortions. In one of the phases, Jahn-Teller distortion is significant. Below TC, the spin orderings in the two phases are ferromagnetic (FM) and spin glass (SG) orderings, respectively. At low temperatures, SG phase converts into FM phase when the applied magnetic field increases, but only partially. We find a drastic increase in magnetoresistivity (MR) as x is increased beyond 0.07. It attains a maximum value for x≈0.12 (greater than750 000%) and decreases again rapidly as x increases. We have provided an explanation for the high MR in x=0.12 phase. Other differences between the compositions studied here can also be identified. First, the phase with Jahn-Teller distortion disappears when the temperature is lowered to TC in a composition with x 0.12. This is not the case when x=0.07. Second, we observe anomalous hysteresis loop when x=0.12. The anomaly is less pronounced in other compositions. Third, in composition x=0.07, the hyperfine magnetic fields (Hint) in FM and SG components are distinctly different. This is not so when x=0.12.

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