Studies on rare earth trisoxalatoferrate(III) and rare earth ortho ferrite

Nag, K. ; Roy, Ajoy (1976) Studies on rare earth trisoxalatoferrate(III) and rare earth ortho ferrite Journal of Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistry, 38 (11). pp. 1983-1987. ISSN 0022-1902

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The preparation and characterization of LaFe(C2O4)3·9H2O is described but the trisoxalatoferrate(III) of other lanthanides could not be isolated. However, the lanthanum ion in LaFe(C2O4)3·9H2O can be partly replaced by other lanthanide ions, e.g. with Nd(III) doping to the extent of 0.33 mole fraction of the latter has been accomplished. In the compounds La1-xNdxFe(C2O4)3·9H2O a stron magnetic interaction between Fe3+ and Nd3+ is observed. From a comparison of the IR and diffuse reflectance spectra and the X-ray diffraction data it is shown that K3Fe(C2O4)3·9H2O and LaFe(C2O4)3·9H2O are not isostructural. Thermal analysis (combined TG, DTA and DTG) of LaFe(C2O4)3·9H2O establishes that this compound is precursor of LaFeO3. The LaFeO3 obtained, has been characterized by its X-ray diffraction pattern, measurement of its magnetic moment, and by its electronic and IR spectra. The thermal behavior of physical mixtures of La2(C2O4)3·10H2O and Fe2(C2O4)3·5H2O and La2(C2O4)3·10H2O and Fe(C2O4)·2H2O has also been investigated and the products of thermal analysis at ~1000°C in air found to be a mixture of La2O3 and αFe2O3.

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