Rheograms for asphalt from single viscosity measurement

Shenoy, A. V. ; Saini, D. R. ; Nadkarni, V. M. (1982) Rheograms for asphalt from single viscosity measurement Rheologica Acta, 21 (3). pp. 333-339. ISSN 0035-4511

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Asphalt materials are used in a variety of applications such as road paving, waterproofing, roofing membranes, adhesive binders, rust proofing and water resistant coatings. There are available in a number of grades distinguished in terms of their softening point and flow resistance. The selection of the proper grade of asphalt for a particular application is governed by the desired flow behaviour. A knowledge of the complete flow curve depicting the variation of melt viscosity with shear rate at the relevant temperatures is necessary not only for proper grade selection, but also for specifying processing conditions for aggregate mixing and spraying. The rheological data are also useful in assessing end use performance. The scientific techniques for generating the rheological data involve the use of expensive, sophisticated instruments. Generation of the necessary flow data using these instruments is beyond the financial and technical means of most processors of asphalt materials. The engineering techniques involving the use of inexpensive vacuum viscometers are relatively easy, but provide a single point viscosity measurement at low shear rate. In the present work, a method is proposed for unifying the viscosity versus shear rate a data at various temperatures for a number of asphalt grades. A master curve has been generated that is independent of the grade of asphalt and the temperature of viscosity measurement. The master curve can be used to generate rheograms at desired temperatures for the asphalt grade of interest, knowing its zero-shear viscosity at that temperature.

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Keywords:Rheogram; Master Curve; Single Viscosity Measurement; Softening Point; Asphalt
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