From spacetime to worldsheet: four point correlators

David, Justin R. ; Gopakumar, Rajesh (2007) From spacetime to worldsheet: four point correlators Journal of High Energy Physics, 2007 (1). No pp. given. ISSN 1126-6708

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The Schwinger representation gives a systematic procedure for recasting large N field theory amplitudes as integrals over closed string moduli space. This procedure has recently been applied to a class of free field four point functions by Aharony, Komargodski and Razamat, to study the leading terms in the putative worldsheet OPE. Here we observe that the dictionary between Schwinger parameters and the cross ratio of the four punctured sphere actually yields an explicit expression for the full worldsheet four point correlator in many such cases. This expression has a suggestive form and obeys various properties, such as crossing symmetry and mutual locality, expected of a correlator in a two dimensional CFT. Therefore one may take this to be a candidate four point function in a worldsheet description of closed strings on highly curved AdS5 × S5. The general framework, that we develop for computing the relevant Strebel differentials, also admits a systematic perturbation expansion which would be useful for studying more general four point correlators.

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Keywords:1/N Expansion; AdS-CFT and dS-CFT Correspondence; Gauge-gravity Correspondence
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