Structure of the shell-model wave functions of 22Na and 22Ne

Tewari, S. N. ; Banerjee, M. K. (1966) Structure of the shell-model wave functions of 22Na and 22Ne Nuclear Physics, 82 (2). pp. 337-353. ISSN 0029-5582

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The structure of the shell-model wave functions for the T=0 and J=3,4 and 5 states of 22Na and the T=1 and J=0,2 and 4 states of 22Ne has been studied to test the existence of an intrinsic wave function. The SU3 representation is very convenient for the purpose and has been employed. Good intrinsic wave functions are found for both nuclei. There is a slight J-dependence in the case of 22Na. The intrinsic wave function of 22Na is almost purely a single determinant and it compares well with the Hartree-Fock solution. An attempt is made to explain the J-dependence on the basis of the theory of Peierls and Thouless. The intrinsic wave function of 22Ne shown considerable two-particle correlation. The amount of this correlation is of the same order as that of the pairing correlation predicted by a self-consistent Hartree-Fock-Bogolyubov calculation. An explanation of the observed difference in the character of the two intrinsic wave functions is suggested. The interaction employed in this calculation is close to a Serber exchange, Yukawa potential with the usual spin dependence. It cannot be regarded as a very satisfactory choice. Thus no attempt is made to compare the level spacings. However the level ordering is found to be satisfactory.

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