1(2)gl gene regulates late expression of segment polarity genes in Drosophila

Mukherjee, Ashim ; Lakhotia, S. C. ; Roy, J. K. (1995) 1(2)gl gene regulates late expression of segment polarity genes in Drosophila Mechanisms of Development, 51 (2-3). pp. 227-234. ISSN 0925-4773

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To analyse the possible roles of Drosophila tumour suppressor genes, 1 (2)gl and 1 (2)gd, in differentiation programmes of imaginal cells, we investigated their interactions with two segment polarity genes, viz., cubitus interruptus Dominant (ci-D) and engrailed (en), by examining their patterns of expression in tumourous imaginal discs of 1 (2)gl4 or 1 (2)gd1 homozygous larvae. While the 1 (2)gd1 mutation did not have much effect, the areas of expression of ci-D and en in the tumourous discs of 1 (2)gl homozygous larvae were significantly increased and the anterior-posterior compartment boundary was no longer identifiable. To examine if the loss of en expression compartment boundary in 1 (2)gl tumourous discs was due to overproliferation of the posterior compartment cells or due to a deregulated expression of en in the anterior compartment cells, 1 (2)gl4 homozygous cell clones were generated in 1 (2)gl4 enlacZ/++ background. A distinct X-gal staining in 1 (2)gl homozygous clones in the anterior compartment in wing imaginal discs or in adult wings confirmed deregulated ectopic expression of en in 1 (2)gl mutant anterior compartment cells. We suggest that 1 (2)gl is involved in regulating post embryonic expression of segment polarity genes.

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Keywords:1 (2)gl; Drosophila Tumour Suppressor Genes; Engrailed; Cubitus Interruptus Dominant; Segment Polarity Genes; Flip Recombination
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