Extensional detachment at the inclusion-matrix interface in a multiple inclusion system

Mandal, Nibir ; Bhattacharyya, Gautam ; Chakraborty, Chandan (2004) Extensional detachment at the inclusion-matrix interface in a multiple inclusion system Journal of Structural Geology, 26 (10). pp. 1773-1781. ISSN 0191-8141

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This paper deals with a theoretical analysis of extensional fissures around spherical rigid inclusions hosted in a ductile matrix undergoing bulk shear. The analysis shows that the mechanical interaction of inclusions is a function of the inclusion concentration a/b (2a and 2b are the inclusion diameter and mean inter-inclusion distance, respectively), and intensifies the tensile stress imparted by the flowing matrix on the inclusion-matrix interface. Inclusion concentration a/b thus appears to be a crucial parameter in perturbing the inclusion-matrix coherence and leading to formation of extensional fissures around an inclusion. We performed numerical simulations to delineate the fields for coherent and incoherent interfaces in the To-a/b space, where To is the tensile strength of the interface, normalized to ηϒ, where η and ϒare the viscosity of matrix and bulk shear rate, respectively. For a given a/b, the interface cannot remain coherent unless the tensile strength is greater than a critical value. The critical To increases almost linearly at a gentle gradient with increasing a/b. However, for a/b>0.7, this increases nonlinearly, assuming a large value when the concentration is high (a/b>0.8). It is also revealed that under the same deformation conditions, the instantaneous opening in fissures may vary depending upon the a/b values.

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Keywords:Inclusion-matrix Systems; Fissures; Tensile Strength; Interaction and Stress Field
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