52Cr(d, p)53Cr, a test of distorted wave stripping theory

Legg, J. C. ; Scott, H. D. ; Mehta, Madhukar Kapilrai (1966) 52Cr(d, p)53Cr, a test of distorted wave stripping theory Nuclear Physics, 84 (2). pp. 398-410. ISSN 0029-5582

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An extensive study of the 52Cr(d, p)53Cr reaction was made between Ed = 4.3 MeV and Ed = 6.3 MeV. Eight angular distributions were obtained for the (d, p) reaction and the elastic deuteron scattering from 52Cr within this energy range. Eight angular distributions for the elastic scattering of protons from 53Cr were obtained at Ep(c.m.) = Ed(c.m.) + 5.72 MeV. The elastic scatterings were fitted using an optical model code. The optical model potentials determined by the elastic scattering were then used in a distorted wave calculation for the stripping reaction. Two different deuteron potentials were considered. For the l = 1 stripping patterns, it was found that the potential with a deeper well or a cutoff calculation using either deuteron potential was reasonably successful in fitting the data. For the l = 3 stripping pattern, it was found that no DW calculation using reasonable well depth or cutoff radius succeeded in fitting the data.

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Keywords:Nuclear Reactions 52Cr(d, p), E = 4.3-6.5 MeV; Measured σ(E;Ep, θ), 52Cr(d, d), E = 4.3-6.5 MeV; 53Cr(p, p), E = 10-12 MeV; Measured σ(E, θ). Deduced optical Model parameters. Enriched Targets
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