Chromosome 9 of Ellobius lutescens is the X chromosome

Vogel, Walther ; Steinbach, Peter ; Djalali, Mahmoud ; Mehnert, Karl ; Ali, Sher ; Epplen, Jorg Thomas (1988) Chromosome 9 of Ellobius lutescens is the X chromosome Chromosoma, 96 (2). pp. 112-118. ISSN 0009-5915

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Ellobius lutescens carries an apparently identical karyotype (2n = 17) in both sexes. On the basis of indirect evidence the unpaired chromosome 9 has been considered to represent the X chromosome of this species. We have obtained data to substantiate this view by four different techniques. After fusion of HPRT- RAG cells with E. lutescens fibroblasts we demonstrated that the enzymes HPRT and G6PD are localized on the presumptive X chromosome. By analysis of pachytene figures after silver staining we showed by electron microscopy that the single chromosome exhibits the typical features of an X chromosome in male meiosis. Hybridization of (GATA)4 and (GACA)4 oligonucleotide probes to E. lutescens DNA revealed several distinct bands in the high molecular weight range some of which appeared to be specific for the individual but not for the sex of the animal. Hybridization in situ of the (GATA)4 probe on metaphase spreads of E. lutescens did not highlight any particular chromosome segment but showed a significant deficit of these sequences in chromosome 9. These observations are discussed with respect to their bearing on X chromosome determination. Finally it is concluded that E. lutescens should be an ideal tool for testing candidate genes assumed to be involved in primary sex determination.

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