Positive and negative regulation of the bgl operon in Escherichia coli

Mahadevan, S. ; Reynolds, A. E. ; Wright, A. (1987) Positive and negative regulation of the bgl operon in Escherichia coli Journal of Bacteriology, 169 (6). pp. 2570-2578. ISSN 0021-9193

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Official URL: http://jb.asm.org/cgi/content/abstract/169/6/2570


We have analyzed the functions encoded by the bgl operon in Escherichia coli K-12. Based on the ability of cloned regions of the operon to complement a series of Bgl- point mutations, we show that the three bgl structural genes, bglC, bglS, and bglB, are located downstream of the regulatory locus bglR in the order indicated. Using a bgl-lacZ transcriptional fusion, we show that bglC and bglS are involved in regulating operon expression. The presence of the bglC gene in trans is absolutely required for the expression of the fusion, which is constitutive when only the bglC gene is present. When the bglC and the bglS genes are both present in the cell, expression of the fusion requires a β -glucoside inducer. From these observations, we conclude that (i) the bglC gene encodes a positive regulatory of bgl operon expression and (ii) the bglS gene encodes a negative regulator of operon expression, causing the requirement for a β -glucoside inducer. These conclusions are supported by our observations that (i) a majority of bglC mutants exhibits a Bgl- phenotype, whereas rare trans-dominant mutations in bglC result in constitutive expression of the bgl operon and the fusion, and (ii) mutations in the bglS gene lead to constitutive expression of the fusion. Based on several lines of evidence presented, we propose that the bglS gene product has an additional role as a component of the β-glucoside transport system.

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