A search for nuclear disintegrations produced by slow negative heavy mesons

Friedlander, M. W. ; Harris, G. G. ; Menon, M. G. K. (1954) A search for nuclear disintegrations produced by slow negative heavy mesons Proceedings of the Royal Society A, 221 (1140). pp. 394-405. ISSN 0962-8444

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This paper describes the preliminary results of a search for evidence of the nuclear interactions of negative heavy mesons. A qualitative analysis is given of the possible characteristics of their interactions and the appearance these might be expected to have in photographic emulsions. 37 ml. of emulsion, in which are recorded 10 000 stars and 1200 slow π-mesons, have been completely examined. In the conditions of exposure, such a volume should contain six examples, with good geometry, of the decay of heavy mesons. Mass measurements have been carried out, by the range/scattering method, on 417 tracks of σ-mesons. In addition, 1800 σ-mesons, observed in 42 ml. of emulsion, have been examined. No disintegrations which can be attributed to heavy mesons have been found. The results suggest that some of the negative heavy mesons, on being brought to rest in photographic emulsions, behave in a manner qualitatively different from that of negative π-particles. Possible explanations for this result are suggested.

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