On the masses and modes of decay of heavy mesons produced by cosmic radiation

Davies, J. H. ; Evans, D. ; Francois, P. E. ; Friedlander, M. W. ; Hillier, R. ; Iredale, P. ; Keefe, D. ; Menon, M. G. K. ; Perkins, D. H. ; Powell, C. F. ; et., al (1955) On the masses and modes of decay of heavy mesons produced by cosmic radiation IL Nuovo Cimento (1955-1965), 2 (5). pp. 1063-1103.

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A large emulsion stack, exposed at high altitude, has been used to study the decaymodes of K-particles which produce a single charged secondary. The 5 decay modes, K μ, χ, κ and τ' have been recognized from the nature and energy of the charged secondary. The masses of the parent particles of the two-body decay modes, K μ and χ found from the mean range of the charged secondary are (976±7) me and (969±3) me respectively. Independent values derived from measurements of the scattering of the secondary track near the decay point are (954±17) me and (972±15) me respectively. The reliability of these mass values is discussed. An examination of the relative frequency of the decay modes in these experimental conditions indicates that the K μ -and χ-modes constitute respectively about 67 % and 20 % of all the K-particle decays: the Kβ, κ- and τ'-modes being present to about 9 %, 3 %, and 1 % respectively.

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