Icosahedrally related 1D quasicrystals

Lele, Shrikant ; Mandal, Rajiv Kumar (1990) Icosahedrally related 1D quasicrystals Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 117-118 (2). pp. 773-776. ISSN 0022-3093

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Taking a cut/section of a hyper lattice has proved a very elegant method of investigating the structure of incommensurate structures including the quasicrystals. We present here a method of generating a one dimensional incommensurate structure by distorting the six dimensional hypercubic lattice and the icosahedral basis vectors a long the 3 fold axis. Indexing of electron diffraction patterns of τ phase has been accomplished on this model and a structure for this phase having 3- symmetry a long the incommensurate direction and periodicity in planes normal to it has been proposed. The requirement of alternating Al and transition metal/vacancy layers in such structures can be satisfied by ordering the hyper unit cell a long three of the six directions.

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