Infrared spectra and normal vibrations of (La,Nd)BaCaCu3O7

Narang, Savita N. ; Patel, N. D. ; Kartha, V. B. ; Gunasekaran, R. A. ; Yakhmi, J. V. (1995) Infrared spectra and normal vibrations of (La,Nd)BaCaCu3O7 Journal of Molecular Structure, 351 . pp. 95-105. ISSN 0022-2860

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The Fourier transform infrared spectra have been recorded for the series of (La,Nd)BaCaCu3O7-y at 300 and 85 K. These compounds are isostructural to YBa2Cu3O7-y and belong to the space group Pmmm (D12h) of orthorhombic crystal system with 39 lattice vibrations distributed among the various species of the group. The spectra of the entire series have been discussed and utilized to conclude the final vibrational analysis. A normal coordinate analysis has been done for LaBaCaCu3O7 by fitting the observed IR values at zero wavevector. The strong bands are assigned to Ag and B1u which are vibrations along the c direction. The bands which are assigned to B2g, B3g, B2u and B3u vibrations in the ab plane are weak because of the screening effect from free charge carriers in the plane. The computation results in the values of force constants and eigenvectors giving complete description of the lattice vibrations of (La,Nd)BaCaCu3O7.

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