An unusual suicidal interaction in Escherichia coli involving nucleoid protein H-NS

Jayashree, Pohnerkar ; Gowrishankar, J. (1995) An unusual suicidal interaction in Escherichia coli involving nucleoid protein H-NS Journal of Genetics, 74 (1-2). pp. 1-17. ISSN 0022-1333

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A conditional-lethal mutation (rpoB364) mapping to the gene that encodes the β -subunit of RNA polymerase was obtained in Escherichia coli. This mutation caused cell filamentation at the restrictive growth temperature and partial derepression of the osmotically regulatedproU operon at the permissive growth temperature. Even under the latter condition, transformants of therpoB364 mutant strain carrying the plasmid vector pACYC184, but not those carrying other polA-dependent multicopy plasmids such as pACYC177 or pBR322, were killed in early stationary phase; one class of suppressor mutants isolated as survivors within these transformant colonies were further derepressed forproU-lac expression, and the mutation in each of several independent clones of this class was mapped tohns, the gene that encodes the protein H-NS of theE. coli nucleoid. Thehns mutations did not suppress the conditional-lethal growth phenotype of therpoB364 mutant itself. On the other hand, intracellular overproduction of guanosine 3', 5'-bispyrophosphate (ppGpp) in therpoB364 strain alleviated both the growth inhibition at the restrictive temperature and the pACYC184-mediated stationary-phase lethality. Upon subcloning into pUC19 or into pACYC177, a 105-bpXbal-HindIII fragment from pACYC184 was shown to be sufficient to confer therpoB364 hns +-dependent lethal phenotype. We suggest that the level in stationary-phase cultures of a gene product(s) that interacts with the pACYC184 DNA fragment is altered in therpoB364 hns+derivative (compared to that inrpoB+ orrpoB364 hns strains) and that this results in cell suicide.

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Keywords:rpoB Mutation; pACYC184; H-NS; ppGpp; Programmed Cell Death; Stationary Phase
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