Phase behavior of carbamyloxyphosphatidylcholine, a sphingolipid analogue

Curatolo, William ; Bali, Anu ; Gupta, Chhitar M. (1985) Phase behavior of carbamyloxyphosphatidylcholine, a sphingolipid analogue Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 74 (12). pp. 1255-1258. ISSN 0022-3549

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The phase behavior of two series of phosphatidylcholines (PC) possessing carbamyloxy-linked fatty acids has been studied by differential scanning calorimetry. These non-natural phosphatidylcholines are of interest because they possess the capability of forming interlipid hydrogen bonds via the carbamyloxy function and as such can serve as a model for sphingolipids, the phase behavior of which is thought to be dominated by interlipid hydrogen bonding. Furthermore, carbamyloxyphosphatidylcholines form unusually stable liposomes, and thus have potential in drug delivery. Carbamyloxyphosphatidylcholines of the type di-(CnH2n+1NHCOO)-PC, where n = 13, 15, or 17, exhibit metastable polymorphism. Cooling from the liquid crystalline state results in formation of a metastable low-temperature polymorph I, which must transform into a stable low-temperature polymorph II before the liquid crystalline state can be reached again. Carbamyloxyphosphatidylcholines of the type 1-C16:0-2-(CnH2n+1 NHCOO)-PC exhibit similar metastable polymorphism. This metastability is similar to that exhibited by certain cerebrosides and sphingomyelins and indicates that the sphingosine backbone is not a prerequisite for this type of metastability. Furthermore, the carbamyloxy group is reversed in orientation compared with the amide of sphingolipids (-NHCO- versus - CONH-), suggesting that the intermolecular hydrogen bonding potential, rather than some highly specific steric or conformational constraint, is responsible for the observed metastability of sphingolipids.

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