ADF/cofilin-driven actin dynamics in early events of Leishmania cell division

Satish Tammana, T. V. ; Sahasrabuddhe, Amogh A. ; Bajpai, Virendra K. ; Gupta, Chhitar M. (2010) ADF/cofilin-driven actin dynamics in early events of Leishmania cell division Journal of Cell Science, 123 . pp. 1894-1901. ISSN 0021-9533

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ADF/cofilin is an actin-dynamics-regulating protein that is required for several actin-based cellular processes such as cell motility and cytokinesis. A homologue of this protein has recently been identified in the protozoan parasite Leishmania, which has been shown to be essentially required in flagellum assembly and cell motility. However, the role of this protein in cytokinesis remains largely unknown. We show here that deletion of the gene encoding ADF/cofilin in these organisms results in several aberrations in the process of cell division. These aberrations include delay in basal body and kinetoplast separation, cleavage furrow progression and flagellar pocket division. In addition to these changes, the intracellular trafficking and actin dynamics are also adversely affected. All these abnormalities are, however, reversed by episomal complementation. Together, these results indicate that actin dynamics regulates early events in Leishmania cell division.

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Keywords:Leishmania; Actin Dynamics; Kinetoplast; Basal Bodies; Flagellar Pocket; Cell Division
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