Crystal structure of tylophorine methiodide monohydrate, C25H30NO4+I-.H2O

Mitra, Shome Nath ; Rajan, S. S. ; Govindachari, T. R. ; Subramanian, E. (1996) Crystal structure of tylophorine methiodide monohydrate, C25H30NO4+I-.H2O Journal of Chemical Crystallography, 26 (3). pp. 223-226. ISSN 1074-1542

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The crystal structure of tylophorine (Chemical name 2,3,6,7 tetramethoxy phenanthro [9,10:6', 7'] indolizidine. Contribution No. 0871.) methiodide monohydrate has been determined. C25H30NO 4 + I-.H20, triclinic, P,a=8.831(1)Å, b=10.842(2),c=13.902(2), α=105.0(1)o, β=104.7(1), γ=97.3(1),V=1210.22Å3, Z=2,D x =1.428 g./cm-3, (CuKα)=1.54184Å, (CUKα)=107.2 cm-1, F(000)=544,T=295oK,R=0.038,Rw=0.046, for 2331 observed reflections with I≥2σ(I). Apart from van der Waals forces, the structure is stabilized by two hydrogen bonds of the type Ow(H) ... O and Ow(H) ... I- involving the water molecule as the donor and atom O4 of the methoxy group and I- as acceptors.

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