Windows to early solar system processes: refractory inclusions in the CV and CM chondrites

Macdougall, J. D. ; Goswami, J. N. (1981) Windows to early solar system processes: refractory inclusions in the CV and CM chondrites Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences - Earth and Planetary Sciences, 90 (1). pp. 1-26. ISSN 0253-4126

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The refractory element-enriched inclusions found in the carbonaceous meteorites give cosmochemists a fascinating glimpse at processes which occurred near the birth of the solar system. Although many complications must still be unravelled, the weight of the available evidence indicates that many of these objects condensed directly from the solar nebula, and have remained relatively unaltered up to the present. Their mineralogical and chemical compositions therefore reflect conditions at the time of their formation. The most thoroughly studied of the inclusions are those from the Allende CV meteorite. These, in general, have mineral assemblages similar to those which would be predicted for nebular condensation. The mineralogical agreement is not strict, however, and also the bulk chemical compositions sometimes deviate markedly from expected trends. More work is required to understand these differences. A range of isotopic anomalies in many elements has been found, in these inclusions. Some of these suggest an extra-solar system origin for a part of the material in the inclusions. Although much less work has been done on the inclusions in the CM meteorites, current data indicate that they will prove to be at least as valuable as those from Allende. Chemical data show that some inclusions in the Murchison meteorite are more refractory than the most refractory Allende inclusions. Isotopic anomalies, including25Mg excesses and oxygen-16 enriched oxygen, indicate that, in spite of chemical and mineralogical differences, the Murchison and Allende inclusions contain common isotopic components, and are probably contemporaneous.

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