CP violation in supersymmetry, Higgs sector and the large hadron collider

Godbole, Rohini M. (2006) CP violation in supersymmetry, Higgs sector and the large hadron collider Pramana - Journal of Physics, 67 (5). pp. 835-847. ISSN 0304-4289

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In this talk I discuss some aspects of CP violation (CPV) in supersymmetry (SUSY) as well as in the Higgs sector. Further, I discuss ways in which these may be probed at hadronic colliders. In particular I will point out the ways in which studies in the χ, χ02;sector at the Tevatron may be used to provide information on this and how the search can be extended to the LHC. I will then follow this by a discussion of the CP mixing induced in the Higgs sector due to the above-mentioned CPV in the soft SUSY breaking parameters and its effects on the Higgs phenomenology at the LHC. I would then point out some interesting aspects of the phenomenology of a moderately light charged Higgs boson, consistent with the LEP constraints, in this scenario. Decay of such a charged Higgs boson would also allow a probe of a light ( ≤ 50 GeV ), CP-violating (CPV) Higgs boson. Such a light neutral Higgs boson might have escaped detection at LEP and could also be missed at the LHC in the usual search channels.

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Keywords:Supersymmetry; CP Violation; Higgs Sector; Large Hadron Collider
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