Electroweak gaugino signals at pp¯ colliders

Gluck, M. ; Godbole, R. M. ; Reya, E. (1987) Electroweak gaugino signals at pp¯ colliders Physics Letters B, 186 (3-4). pp. 421-424. ISSN 0370-2693

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Production rates for electroweak gaugino pairs produced at the CERN and Fermilab Tevatron pp¯ colliders are presented for various realistic photino (g¯g) masses and missing transverse momentum ( trok;T) cuts. It is shown that in order to minimize the standard model (SM) background to SUSY-signal ratio one has to choose, in contrast to hadronic gluino production, a cut on trok;T not larger than about 25 GeV. Even in this case the SM expectations for monojets plus trok;T signals always exceed the corresponding SUSY signals for realistic values of the photino mass. It is concluded that, unless the wino (W¯) mass satisfies M<40 GeV, a gaugino pair signal can only be seen at the Tevatron in the purely hadronic gluino pair channel (g¯g¯) provided Mg¯ ≤200 GeV even with finite photino masses satisfying Mg¯ ≅Mg¯/6 as in most N=1 supergravity models.

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