Theory of nonlinear light scattering from phonons in crystals

Jha, S. S. ; Woo, J. W. F. (1971) Theory of nonlinear light scattering from phonons in crystals IL Nuovo Cimento B (1971-1996), 2 (2). pp. 167-183. ISSN 0369-3554

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Nonlinear light scattering from phonons opens up new possibilities in the study of ionic motion. A theory of nonlinear inelastic light scattering in solids involving two incident photons of frequencies ω1 and ω2, a phonon of frequency ω0, and the scattered photon of frequency ω312±ω0 is developed. When both the incident light waves are the same, it reduces to the intensity-dependent light scattering from phonons in crystals. It is shown that the cross-section for the nonlinear scattering is smaller by a factor |EL|2/{|Ea|}2 as compared to the corresponding linear scattering with only one incident photon, where |EL| is the amplitude of the electric field of the additional incident wave and Ea is of the order of (106/107) e.s.u. at optical frequencies. A nonlinear polarizability theory for the scattering based on the linear polarizability theory of Born and Bradburn of the first-order linear Raman effect is also considered and shown to be equivalent to the general theory in the limit of zero phonon frequency. Symmetries of the scattering tensor and selection rules for long-wavelength nonpolar optical phonons are derived for all the cubic point groups. These selection rules are different from those for the first-order Raman effect and the intra-red absorption. The rate of photon production in the stimulated nonlinear process is discussed.

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