Ultra mild wear in lubricated tribology of an aluminium alloy

Das, Sarmistha ; Varalakshmi, K. ; Jayaram, V. ; Biswas, S. K. (2007) Ultra mild wear in lubricated tribology of an aluminium alloy Journal of Tribology, 129 (4). pp. 942-951. ISSN 0742-4787

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Flat faces of steel pins were slid on an eutectic aluminium silicon alloy under lubricated condition in the 1-100 MPa mean contact pressure range and 0.2 m/s sliding speed. Two transition in wear rate were observed, at 10 MPa and 70 MPa. The wear rate in the 1-10 MPa regime was found to be very small and within the measuring instrument resolution and also insensitive to contact pressure. The regime is designated ultramild wear. Lack of plastic flow, minimal fragmentation of silicon particles, and the presence of undistorted voids on the fractured and unfractured silicon particles in the subsurface suggest that the state of stress in the near surface region is elastic. Contact mechanical calculations demonstrate that at contact pressures <13.7 MPa, the system is likely to shakedown to an elastic state.

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