Total nitrogen in meteorites

Kothari, B. K. ; Goel, P. S. (1974) Total nitrogen in meteorites Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta, 38 (10). pp. 1493-1507. ISSN 0016-7037

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Total N has been measured in a number of meteorites by neutron activation analysis using the reaction N14(n, p)C14. From each meteorite a number of chips have been analysed to investigate the variation of N contents in a sample. Many meteorites are found to contain a heterogeneous distribution of N. Eighteen chondrites, mostly of the classes C3, H4, H5, L4, L5, L6 and LL6, and six achondrites are found to have average N contents of 10-45 ppm. These do not show any clear-cut dependence of N on petrological group. However, the inherent heterogeneity or the fact that from most meteorite classes only single falls were studied might be responsible for this lack of correlation. In Cold Bokkeveld (C2) N is high (420 ppm). Unlike C, N content of ureilites is low (26 ppm). Nitrogen is enriched in the non-magnetic as compared to the magnetic fractions in H-group chondrites. Analyses of sieved Bjurbole phases show no enrichment of N in finer matrix material, nor any depletion in chondrules. In two gas-rich meteorites, Kapoeta and Assam, there is no excess N in the dark phases. Nine iron meteorites and three mesosiderites were analysed. Twenty analyses of Canyon Diablo and seven of Odessa establish a very heterogeneous N distribution in these meteorites.

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