War of hormones over resource allocation to seeds: strategies and counter-strategies of offspring and maternal parent

Ravishankar, K. V. ; Uma Shaanker, R. ; Ganeshaiah, K. N. (1995) War of hormones over resource allocation to seeds: strategies and counter-strategies of offspring and maternal parent Journal of Biosciences, 20 (1). pp. 89-103. ISSN 0250-5991

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It is suggested that maternal parent and offspring have conflicting interests over the extent of resource allocation to developing seeds. While maternal parent would be selected to allocate her resources optimally among her offspring, the latter would be selected to demand more. In animals, offspring are known to demand additional resources either visibly (through intense vocal calls) or subtly through the production of hormones. In plants though parent offspring conflict over resource allocation has been invoked, the mechanism through which the parent and offspring interact in regulating resource allocation into developing seeds is not yet clear. In this paper, we propose that the strategies and counter-strategies of the offspring and mother during the development of seeds might be manifested through the production of appropriate growth hormones. Accordingly, we predict (i) hormones that mobilize resources into seeds (e.g. auxins and gibberellic acid) shall be synthesized exclusively by the offspring tissue and (ii) hormones that inhibit resource flow in to seeds (e.g. abscisic acid) be produced exclusively by the maternal tissue. We show that these predictions are supported by existing literature on the temporal dynamics and source of production of growth hormones during seed development. Finally, we suggest that such analysis viewing the production of different hormones during early seed development, as strategies and counter-strategies of mother and offspring tissue, helps ofer a meaningful interpretation of the otherwise complex dynamics of hormone fluxes.

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Keywords:Parent-Offspring Conflict; Seed Development; Offspring Strategy; Plant Hormones; Auxins; Gibberellic Acid; Abscisic Acid
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