The fast tumble signal in bacterial chemotaxis

Khan, Shahid ; Jain, Sanjay ; Reid, Gordon P. ; Trentham, David R. (2004) The fast tumble signal in bacterial chemotaxis Biophysical Journal, 86 (6). pp. 4049-4058. ISSN 0006-3495

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We have analyzed repellent signal processing in Escherichia coli by flash photorelease of leucine from photolabile precursors. We found that 1), response amplitudes of free-swimming cell populations increased with leucine jump concentration, with an apparent Hill coefficient of 1.3 and a half-maximal dose of 14.4μM; 2), at a 0-0.5mM leucine concentration jump sufficient to obtain a saturation motile response, the swimming cell response time of ~0.05s was several-fold more rapid than the motor response time of 0.39±0.18s measured by following the rotation of cells tethered by a single flagellum to quartz coverslips; and 3), the motor response time of individual cells was correlated with rotation bias but not cell size. These results provide information on amplification, rate-limiting step, and flagellar bundle mechanics during repellent signal processing. The difference between the half-maximal dose for the excitation response and the corresponding value reported for adaptation provides an estimate of the increase in the rate of formation of CheYP, the phosphorylated form of the signal protein CheY. The estimated increase gives a lower limit receptor kinase coupling ratio of 6.0. The magnitude and form of the motor response time distribution argue for it being determined by the poststimulus switching probability rather than CheYP turnover, diffusion, or binding. The temporal difference between the tethered and swimming cell response times to repellents can be quantitatively accounted for and suggests that one flagellum is sufficient to cause a measurable change of direction in which a bacterium swims.

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