sll1722, an unassigned open reading frame of Synechocystis PCC�6803, codes for l- myo -inositol 1-phosphate synthase

Chatterjee, Anirban ; Majee, Manoj ; Ghosh, Shilpi ; Majumder, Arun Lahiri (2004) sll1722, an unassigned open reading frame of Synechocystis PCC�6803, codes for l- myo -inositol 1-phosphate synthase Planta, 218 (6). pp. 989-998. ISSN 0032-0935

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L-myo-Inositol 1-phosphate synthase (EC; MIPS) catalyzes conversion of glucose 6-phosphate to L-myo-inositol 1-phosphate, the first and the rate-limiting step in the production of inositol, and has been reported from evolutionarily diverse organisms. Two forms of the enzyme have been characterized from higher plants, viz. cytosolic and chloroplastic, and the presence of MIPS has been earlier reported from the cyanobacteria (e.g. Spirulina sp.), the presumed chloroplast progenitors. The present study demonstrates possible multiple forms of MIPS and identifies the gene for one of them in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803. Following detection of at least two immunologically cross-reactive MIPS forms, we have been able to identify from the fully sequenced Synechocystis genome an as yet unassigned open reading frame (ORF), sll 1722, coding for the approx. 50-kDa MIPS protein, by using biochemical, molecular and bioinformatics tools. The DNA fragment corresponding to sll 1722 was PCR-amplified and functional identity of the gene was confirmed by a complementation assay in Saccharomyces cerevisiae mutants containing a disrupted INO1 gene for the yeast MIPS. The sll 1722 PCR product was cloned in Escherichia coli expression vector pET20b and the isopropyl β-D-thiogalactopyranoside (IPTG)-induced overexpressed protein product was characterized following complete purification. Comparison of the sll 1722 sequences with other MIPS sequences and its phylogenetic analysis revealed that the Synechocystis MIPS gene is quite divergent from the others.

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Keywords:Bioinformatics; Chloroplast; Functional complementation;INO1 gene; Myo-Inositol 1-phosphate synthase
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