Superconductivity in Ba(Pb,Bi,Sb)O3, Ba(Pb,Bi,Te)O3 and (Ba,La) (Pb,Bi,Tl)O3 systems

Nagarajan, R. ; Vasanthacharya, N. Y. ; Gopalakrishnan, J. ; Rao, C. N. R. (1991) Superconductivity in Ba(Pb,Bi,Sb)O3, Ba(Pb,Bi,Te)O3 and (Ba,La) (Pb,Bi,Tl)O3 systems Solid State Communications, 77 (5). pp. 373-376. ISSN 0038-1098

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It is possible to substitute Bi in the superconducting BaPb0.75Bi0.25O3 by Sb or Te without destroying the superconductivity. With Sb, a continuous series of solid solutions BaPb0.75Bi0.25-ySbyO3 (0 ≤ y ≤ 0.25) exists, while with Te, perovskite BaPb0.75Bi0.25-yTeyO3 exists only upto y = 0.15. With increasing substitution by Sb or Te, Tc decreases continously in both the systems. Superconductivity with a maximum Tc of 8K is found in Ba0.9La0.1Pb0.9-yBiyTl0.1O 3 for y = 0.25. for y = 0.25.

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