Vaccines for immunological control of fertility

Gupta, Satish K. ; Bansal, Pankaj (2010) Vaccines for immunological control of fertility Reproductive Medicine and Biology, 9 (2). pp. 61-71. ISSN 1445-5781

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Vaccines have been proposed as one of the strategies for population control. Immunocontraceptive vaccines can be designed to inhibit: (1) production of gametes (sperm and egg); (2) functions of gametes, leading to blocking of fertilization; and (3) gamete outcome (pregnancy). Immunization with gonadotropin-releasing hormone coupled to different carriers has shown curtailment in the production of sperm with concomitant infertility in various species. Immunization of nonhuman primates and men with ovine follicle stimulating hormone has also resulted in reduced sperm output. Various spermatozoa-specific proteins such as FA1, PH-20, LDH-C4, SP-10, SP-17, sp56, SPAG9, and Izumo have been proposed as candidate antigens to develop contraceptive vaccines, which have shown efficacy in inhibiting fertility in different animal models. Immunization with zona pellucida glycoproteins-based immunogens also results in curtailment of fertility in a variety of species. However, ways to overcome the observed oophoritis associated with zona proteins immunization have yet to be discovered, a necessary step before their proposal for control of human population. Nonetheless, this is a very promising approach to control wildlife animal population. Phase II clinical trials of β-human chorionic gonadotropin-based vaccine in women have established the proof of principle that it is possible to inhibit fertility without any untoward side-effects by vaccination. Further scientific inputs are required to increase the efficacy of contraceptive vaccines and establish their safety beyond doubt, before they can become applicable for control of fertility in humans.

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Keywords:Fertilization; Hormones; Immunocontraception; Spermatozoa; Vaccine; Zona Pellucida
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