Superconducting and magnetic properties ofTlSr2Ca1−xRxCu2O7[R=Pr,Tb]

Sundaresan, A. ; Chinchure, Aravind D. ; Ghosh, K. ; Ramakrishnan, S. ; Marathe, V. R. ; Gupta, L. C. ; Sharon, M. ; Shah, S. S. (1995) Superconducting and magnetic properties ofTlSr2Ca1−xRxCu2O7[R=Pr,Tb] Physical Review B, 51 (6). pp. 3893-3898. ISSN 0163-1829

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The magnetic and superconducting properties of the TISr2Ca1−xRxCu2O7 [R=Pr (x=0.2-1.0); Tb (x=0.6 and 1.0)] system are reported. The observation of superconductivity in TISr2Ca0.4Pr0.6Cu2O7 (Tc=74 K) suggests that the Pr ions are in the trivalent state. The value of the effective magnetic moment, µeff=3.15µB, for the TISr2Ca0.4Pr0.6Cu2O7 compound, lies between the free-ion values expected for Pr3+ (3.58 µB) and Pr4+ (2.54µB). The reduced value of µeff for the Pr3+ ion is explained in terms of crystal-field effects. For TISr2TbCu2O7, the Tb magnetic moments order antiferromagnetically at 7.0 K, which is the highest magnetic ordering temperature among the known Tb-containing high-Tc related compounds. Superconductivity (Tc=74 and 62 K) and antiferromagnetic ordering (TN=5 and 6.2 K) coexist in TISr2Ca0.4R0.6Cu2O7 with R=Pr and Tb, respectively.

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