Synthesis, structure and photocatalytic properties of β- ZrMo2O8

Sahoo, Prangya Parimita ; Sumithra, S. ; Madras, Giridhar ; Guru Row, T. N. (2009) Synthesis, structure and photocatalytic properties of β- ZrMo2O8 Bulletin of Materials Science, 32 (3). pp. 337-342. ISSN 0250-4707

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Monoclinic ZrMo2O8 was synthesized via solid state method and single crystals of the title compound have been grown by the hydrothermal method. The crystals belong to monoclinic crystal system with space group C2/c (No. 15) with a = 11.4243(19) Å, b = 7.9297(6) Å, c = 7.4610(14) Å and ß = 122.15(2)°, Z = 4. The bandgap of the compound was 2.57 eV. Unlike the other polymorphs of ZrMo2O8, the monoclinic form has unique crystallographic features with ZrO8 and Mo2O8 polyhedra. The photocatalytic activity of this compound has been investigated for the first time for the degradation of various dyes under UV irradiation and has been compared with the photoactivity of the trigonal form of ZrMo2O8. It has been observed that this compound exhibits specificity towards the degradation of cationic dyes.

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Keywords:Zirconium Molybdate; Crystal Growth; X-Ray Diffraction; Crystal Structure; Photocatalysis; Dye Degradation
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