Neurocognitive predictors of social cognition in remitted schizophrenia

Mehta, Urvakhsh Meherwan ; Bhagyavathi, Haralahalli D. ; Thirthalli, Jagadisha ; Kumar, Keshav J. ; Gangadhar, Bangalore N. (2014) Neurocognitive predictors of social cognition in remitted schizophrenia Psychiatry Research, 219 (2). pp. 268-274. ISSN 0165-1781

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Knowledge of how specific neurocognition (NC) abilities predict social cognition (SC) in schizophrenia has potential to guide novel integrated cognitive-remediation therapies. The scope of studies conducted in this field is limited as they have not examined a comprehensive set of SC domains and they employ small sample sizes of heterogeneous patient groups. We studied a broad range of NC (sustained attention, processing speed, verbal/visual memory and visual processing/encoding, cognitive flexibility and planning) and SC [different levels of theory of mind (ToM)], attributional bias, emotion recognition and social perception] abilities in 170 remitted schizophrenia patients. Multivariate regression analyses revealed attention and planning as predictors of 1st order ToM. Memory encoding was the strongest predictor of 2nd order ToM. Faux-pas recognition, social perception and emotion recognition were influenced by a combination of cognitive flexibility and memory encoding abilities. Overall, NC predicted anywhere between ~4% and 40% of variance observed in specific SC sub-dimensions of attributional bias (4%), 1st order (19%) and 2nd order (12%) theory of mind, faux-pas recognition (28%), social perception (29%) and emotion recognition (39%). Individual SC abilities are predicted by distinctive as well as shared NC abilities. These findings have important implications for integrated cognitive remediation.

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Keywords:Cognitive Therapy; Theory Of Mind; Social Perception; Memory; Executive Function.
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