Gold under high pressure

Godwal, B. K. ; Ng, A. ; Jeanloz, Raymond (1992) Gold under high pressure High Pressure Research, 10 (5-6). pp. 687-693. ISSN 0895-7959

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First principle predictions for the equation of state of gold using solid and liquid state theories are compared up to combined pressures and temperatures of 600 GPa and 17 000 K with static diamond anvil cell compression, ultrasonic measurements and shock Hugoniot data which include a recent laser driven shock Hugoniot points at 600 GPa. Excellent agreement between theoretical and experimental data is observed. The theoretically estimated 300 K isotherm agrees to within 2 GPa with the isotherm that has been measured to 70 GPa using the diamond anvil cell. The structural energy estimates show that the normal f.c.c. phase remains stable under pressure. The estimate of the shock Hugoniot temperature of gold at 600 GPa based on a liquid state model is consistent with the measurements of laser induced shock luminescence, which in fact provides an experimental determination of the temperature of gold above its Hugoniot melting point. The powerful means provided by theory in the prediction of material properties of gold at ultra high pressures and temperatures is significant because gold is an efficient converter of laser energy into soft X-rays and is a potential candidate as a standard for high pressure, high temperature work.

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Keywords:Gold; High Pressure; Diamond Anvil Cell; Isotherm; Shock; Hugoniot
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