Black holes in higher spin supergravity

Datta, Shouvik ; David, Justin R. (2013) Black holes in higher spin supergravity Journal of High Energy Physics, 2013 (7). ISSN 1029-8479

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We study black hole solutions in Chern-Simons higher spin supergravity based on the superalgebra sl(3|2). These black hole solutions have a U(1) gauge field and a spin 2 hair in addition to the spin 3 hair. These additional fields correspond to the R-symmetry charges of the supergroup sl(3|2). Using the relation between the bulk field equations and the Ward identities of a CFT with N = 2 super-W3 symmetry, we identify the bulk charges and chemical potentials with those of the boundary CFT. From these identifications we see that a suitable set of variables to study this black hole is in terms of the charges present in three decoupled bosonic sub-algebras of the N = 2 super-W3 algebra. The entropy and the partition function of these R-charged black holes are then evaluated in terms of the charges of the bulk theory as well as in terms of its chemical potentials. We then compute the partition function in the dual CFT and find exact agreement with the bulk partition function.

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Keywords:AdS-CFT Correspondence; Black Holes; Conformal Field Models in String Theory.
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