Measurement of energetic single-photon production at LEP

Wynhoff, S. ; Xu, Z. Z. ; Yang, B. Z. ; Yang, C. G. ; Yang, G. ; Yao, X. Y. ; Ye, C. H. ; Ye, J. B. ; Ye, Q. ; Yeh, S. C. ; You, J. M. ; Yunus, N. ; Yzerman, M. ; Zaccardelli, C. ; Zemp, P. ; Zeng, M. ; Zeng, Y. ; Zhang, D. H. ; Zhang, Z. P. ; Zhou, B. ; Zhou, G. J. ; Zhou, J. F. ; Zhu, R. Y. ; Zichichir, A. ; van der Zwaan, B. C. C. ; Gurtu, A. ; et., al (1995) Measurement of energetic single-photon production at LEP Physics Letters B: Nuclear Physics and Particle Physics, 346 (1-2). pp. 190-198. ISSN 0370-2693

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We describe the sample of energetic single-photon events (Eγ > 15 GeV) collected by L3 in the 1991-1993 LEP runs. The event distributions agree with expectations from the Standard Model. The data are used to constrain the ZZγ coupling and to set an upper limit of 4.1 × 10-6, μB (90% C.L.) on the the magnetic moment of the T neutrino.

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