Measurements Within Vortex Cores in a Turbulent Jet

Agrawal, Amit ; Prasad, Ajay K. (2003) Measurements Within Vortex Cores in a Turbulent Jet Journal of Fluids Engineering, 125 (3). pp. 561-568. ISSN 0098-2202

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High-pass filtering of instantaneous two-dimensional PIV data is employed to educe vortices occurring in the axial plane of a self-similar turbulent axisymmetric jet. An automated method is used to identify the vortices and to measure circulation, tangential velocity, vorticity, and centrifugal force within their cores (defined here as the region within the largest closed streamline). Results include radial variation of these quantities within vortex cores, and the energy of vortices. We find that the vorticity is maximum at the vortex center and decreases monotonically with the radial coordinate. Results indicate that the center of a larger vortex spins faster than a smaller vortex (in an ensemble averaged sense); however, the trend reverses to give the expected result at the core edge. Vorticity results for different vortex radii collapse upon normalization. The average energy of vortices is seen to increase as the square of the vortex radius. In addition, three possible regimes of vortex number versus vortex size are suggested by our data.

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Keywords:Turbulent Diffusion; Vortices; Flow Measurement; High-pass Filters; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Jets.
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