Direct numerical simulation of a turbulent axisymmetric jet with buoyancy induced acceleration

Agrawal, Amit ; Boersma, B. J. ; Prasad, Ajay K. (2005) Direct numerical simulation of a turbulent axisymmetric jet with buoyancy induced acceleration Flow, Turbulence and Combustion, 73 (3-4). pp. 277-305. ISSN 1386-6184

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Direct numerical simulations of an axisymmetric jet with off-source volumetric heat addition are presented in this paper. The system solved here involves a three-way coupling between velocity, concentration and temperature. The computations are performed on a spherical coordinate system, and application of a traction free boundary condition at the lateral edges allows physical entrainment into the computational domain. The Reynolds and Richardson numbers based on local scales employed in the simulations are 1000 and 12 respectively. A strong effect of heat addition on the jet is apparent. Heating causes acceleration of the jet, and an increased dilution due to an increase in entrainment. Further, the streamwise velocity profile is distorted, and the cross-stream velocity is inward for all radial locations for the heated jet. Interestingly, the maximum temperature is realized off-axis and a short distance upstream of the exit of the heat injection zone (HIZ). The temperature width is intermediate between the scalar and velocity widths in the HIZ. Normalized rms of the concentration and temperature increases in the HIZ, whereas that of streamwise, cross-stream and tangential velocities increases rapidly after decreasing. Both mass flux and entrainment are larger for the heated jet as compared to their unheated counterparts. The buoyancy flux increases monotonically in the HIZ, and subsequently remains constant.

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Keywords:Buoyancy Flux; Cumulus Clouds; Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS); Entrainment ;Jets And Plumes; Mass Flux; Off-source Volumetric Heating.
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